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Judomakura Grip Training Device

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The Judomakura is a revolutionary training device specifically designed for judoka, BJJ players, and grapplers to increase grip strength and improve stamina in the forearms, hands, and fingers. Judomakura is much better than training with a dumbbell or medicine ball. Training with the Judomakura targets the key muscles in your wrists and finger joints since it has an edge like the sleeve of a judo or jiu-jitsu gi to grab a hold of. And, the Judomakura is much safer than other devices – especially for kids – as it will not slip out of your hands, and does not have hard plastic or metal parts that can cause damage to your foot when dropped.

The Judomakura is made out of traditional sashiki or woven cotton (the same material used to make judo and jiu-jitsu uniforms). The Judomakura is prepared from strong and resistant fabric with filling material inside; and, made with Japanese style. The initial invention was meant primarily for judo, but can also be used by BJJ and other grappling sports as well as different types of fitness training.

The Judomakura is available in three different weights/sizes:

Check out this video on how to use the Judomakura!


  • Judomakura - Small with the weight of 0 - 12lbs (Ideal for Kids)

  • Judomakura - Medium with the weight of 12lbs ‚Äì 22lbs (Teens & Above)

  • Judomakura - Large with the weight of 22lbs ‚Äì 33lbs (Elite Level)

  • Judomakura Dojo Combo Kit (1 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Large) ‚Äì Dojo Kit
    NOTE: Sand NOT included with device