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Happy Holidays

| 12/31/2023

A Thank You To Our Loving Customers

Looking back on the eventful year of 2023 with FUJI Sports. From new partnerships, new sponsorships, and new product launches FUJI Sports is always looking to bring our customers the very best!


FUJI Sports had the pleasure of partnering with Princess Cruises to host not one, but TWO Jiu Jitsu themed cruises in 2023! In fact, we kicked off the previous new year aboard the Sky Princess Cruise ship for the first ever FUJI Princess Adventure! Then we closed off 2023 with our second cruise, the FUJI & GTMA Adventure 2.0, where we were joined by one of the largest martial arts organizations in the world, Global Traditional Martial Arts (GTMA)! The FUJI Adventures granted us all well deserved island time relaxation and the opportunity to train under professionals grapplers from both Jiu Jitsu & Judo! Including the likes of Xande Ribeiro, Bruno Bastos, Gregor Gracie, Sophia McDermott, Jimmy Pedro, Kayla Harrison, and Travis Stevens. 

It was amazing to meet and hear the stories of all those who joined us on the cruises. From white belts to the black belt practitioners, and everywhere in between we were given the opportunity to bond with so many supporters of the FUJI Brand. The FUJI Adventures prove to be an amazing experience all the way around. 

We also had the pleasure to partner with Camp Vertex at Skyfall Reserve in Trinidad, Texas. Camp Vertex is a two-and-a-half day, full immersion training camp that focuses on in-depth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training, combined with advanced pistol, carbine, and rifle training. Focused firearms training is done with combat-seasoned Navy operators Terry Houin and Brandon Tucker, on ranges and practical shooting courses. In 2023, the Jiu Jitsu portion of the camp was held by Pedro Rocha 2023 IBJJF NOGI Pan American Champion and Olympic Medalist and BJJ Black Belt Travis Stevens. 

Camp Vertex partnered with the FUJI Sports Custom Department to design a fully customized exclusive Camp Vertex Gi and Rashguard. Due to the Texas heat, they decided to go with the Ultra Lite 300 BJJ Gi. In addition, Camp Vertex reached out to FUJI Mats for the design and build of their custom facility, known as “The Forge.” 

FUJI Sports was able to build partnerships with two of the biggest Associations in Jiu Jitsu. We are now the official supply of Custom Gi and Gear supplier of Pedro Sauer Jiu Jitsu and Alliance Jiu Jitsu Team! We are extremely grateful for their trust in the FUJI Sports brand to provide the best quality of custom products to their associations.

Sponsored Athletes

Above all we are extremely proud of the accomplishments and achievements of our FUJI Sports Sponsored Athletes. This group of competitors works extremely hard throughout the year to prepare themselves for the biggest Jiu Jitsu events around!

We made new additions to the team of FUJI Athletes as well this year. We welcomed brothers Joao and Pedro Rocha! The two brothers met in the finals of the Open Class at the 2023 IBJJF NOGI Pan American Championships. Pedro took home the Gold Medal and Joao the Silver Medal. We’d like to call this a sibling rivalry however, it was all smiles for both Joao and Pedro. There was no rivalry involved. Both of them are extremely grateful to be in that position together, which made the moment all the more special for us all to witness this past year. 

Amy Campo of Zenith BJJ was a new addition to the team following her 2022 campaign which saw her take home a Gold Medal at the 2022 ADCC World Championships. Amy had a stellar performance in 2023 some of her results are:

  • 2023 IBJJF World Championships - Gold
  • 2023 IBJJF Pan Championship - Silver
  • Women's Grand Prix at Polaris 23 - Silver

Amy then ended the year competing at the first ever IBJJF The Crown, an invitation only tournament.

Janaina Lebre of Gracie Humaita also had a huge performance in 2023. She took home:

  • 2023 IBJJF World Championships - Silver
  • IBJJF The Crown - Bronze
  • 2023 IBJJF Absolute Grand Prix at Jiu Jitsu Con - Winner

Victor Hugo of Six Blades Jiu Jitsu had a stand out performance in 2023 and the sky's the limit for him in 2024. Victor took home

  • 2023 World Championships - Double Gold (Weight & Absolute)
  • 2023 IBJJF Absolute Grand Prix - Silver

Victor finished off 2023 by making his UFC Fight Pass debut against Dan Manasoiu of Team New Wave based in Austin, TX. It was a long match for Victor, who was able to secure the takedown moving immediately into mount and securing the Americana for the tap! 

Congratulations to all of the FUJI Sports Athletes on their accomplishments in 2023. All of it is a product of the hard work and dedication put in throughout the years. We look forward to seeing more success in the upcoming new year!

FUJI Goes To Europe

Big New For European Jiu Jitsu practitioners. Starting at the 2024 IBJJF European Championships. The US based FUJI Team is going to be supporting the FUJI European expansion. This is going to bring some amazing benefits to the European market. Such as:

  • Bigger selection of products
  • Wider Product offering
  • Bigger Savings
  • And more!

Be on the lookout for us at the 2024 Europeans. We are kicking off the launch with a buy one get one free sale on the site as well as giving out some free swag at the booth.

That sums up 2023 for FUJI Sports! We are super excited for the New Year and we can't wait to build more memories with our loyal customers! Happy New Year!