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Can't Score? Try This Technique.

judo | 09/19/2018

When going up against same sided opponents, it can be eternally challenging to get a good grip on them. This is especially true if your opponent is playing exceptional defense and keeping you far. The action happens close up, so you need to find a way to get close. Doing Kosoto on same sided athletes can alleviate a lot of the struggle that occurs when going up against a same sided opponent. The best part? It is a fairly simple technique to learn, you just have to drill and drill again.

Travis and Kosoto

Travis Stevens used this throw a lot in international competition. He wasn't ever known for it because it never really resulted in a lot of scores, but that was never his intention afterall! Kosoto can be a super high-risk move. It is easily countered and doesn't result in a lot of scores. But, when fighting players who are keeping you at bay and not engaging in a lot of action, it can be a high-risk, high-reward type of move. Kosoto is also absolutely beautiful when executed well.

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Kosoto Secrets

Kosoto is also great way to off balance your opponent, causing them to think twice about standing in such a defensive position. Ultimately, it mixes up the action and can play a huge role in getting you into a more advantageous position. After doing a throw like this, players are more likely to stand and face you, making it easier to pull off the throws that you feel more confident scoring with.

A Few Key Points
  1. Your opponent has to be playing a strong defense to your forward throws, keeping you locked at an arms length on that same side. This can be endlessly frustrating, but don't let your frustration get the better of you. Kosoto can be high risk, but it can definitely yield really positive results if you execute it well. That strong defense by your opponent needs to be broken down if you stand a chance at scoring (and ultimately winning).

  2. You're going to want to get the gi over their shoulder. Their defensive position makes this difficult, but knowing where you want to end up is really helpful in planning your way to get there. Look for opportunities and your line of attack to ensure a smooth delivery.

  3. Make sure you chop your opponent behind the knee when taking a step. This is going to get your opponent off balance and give you the opportunity for optimal hand placement. Chopping the back of their knee while simultaneously hitting them hard will allow you to control their body and finish the throw.

  4. Hit your opponent hard with your free hand either across the chest or the head. You can scoop underneath their arm or club them across the head. Either are great options depending on what you prefer as an athlete. Travis likes the head option and it can certainly be extra disorienting for your opponent to be thrown like that. Also, think about leverage and what will give you a greater chance at finishing the throw.

Final Thoughts

Going up against good defense can be super frustrating when all you want to do is score. Doing Kosoto on same sided athletes can be a really effective remedy for stalemates when done properly. Travis does a great job teaching the method here in this video. Learn the steps and, as always, keep on drilling!

Lastly, make sure you're recovering well and fueling your body with what it needs to be a champion!

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