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FUJI Sports #1 Rated Competition BJJ Gi

bjj | 02/08/2023

FUJI SEKAI 2.0 BJJ Is The #1 Rated Competition BJJ Gi

Competition BJJ Gis are sold by almost every brand. But what sets a competition BJJ gi apart from the standard jiu jitsu gi? The SEKAI 2.0 BJJ Gi was designed to give competitors an edge against their opponents. FUJI Sports is a company run by grapplers with a staff of Olympic and World medalist who work with key athletes in jiu jitsu to design the best jiu jitsu gis on the market. The SEKAI 2.0 was designed to help give competitors an advantage while competing for a world title or athletes trying to win their first event. 

Some key features of the SEKAI 2.0 Competition BJJ Gi are:
    • a tapered cut for jiu-jitsu
    •  triple reinforced rip stop pants with a bungee drawstring
    •  a 450g pearl weave lightweight jacket with a stiff collar that has extra rows of stitching making it rugged and hard-to-grip
    • A lightweight design to help athletes make weight

Climb to the top of the podium in your next jiu-jitsu competition wearing the SEKAI 2.0 Competition BJJ Gi from FUJI Sports. SEKAI is the Japanese word for “World” and this gi is the choice of World Champion Xande Ribeiro. 

The SEKAI 2.0 Competition BJJ Gi is available in the classic gi colors of white, blue, and black. These are all approved by the IBJJF for competition and have been worn by some of the best in the world. 

Due to its growing popularity we have decided to give the SEKAI 2.0 Competition BJJ Gi a makeover. It now comes in non IBJJF approved colors such as military green, light gray, and navy

If you are an avid BJJ practitioner we would recommend that you have a competition BJJ gi in your rotation of gis. That way you can get a feel during your training sessions for the key differences we mentioned and how you can use them to your advantage!