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Getting A Power Grip In Judo

judo | 09/19/2018

How to Get a High Grip on Same Sided Opponents

How to get a high grip on a same sided opponent is a conundrum as old as time. If you've ever struggled to get a high grip on a same sided opponent, you know what we're talking about. Same sided opponents, in general, can be a tough challenge. It can be really frustrating to go up against someone and feel like you're either in a stalemate. Or even worse, feel like you're losing because you can't manage to get a grip on them. In the technique in the video here, you'll find some useful tips for getting a grip on your same sided opponent. Travis Stevens (a right handed fighter) used this technique most often to get his right hand down the back of his opponents. See what he does in the video and be sure to follow our step-by-step as we break this technique down.

Power Grip Breakdown

Here are a few key points to be sure you pay attention to when trying to drill and execute this technique. Be sure to watch the video all the way through first. Then break it down into smaller bite-sized pieces.

  1. Make sure you have a strong post. You don't want to allow your opponent to put any hand on the gi other than their same side (so right under righties arm or left under lefties arm)

  2. Sidestep! Sidestepping will help you create a greater angle and make it much more difficult for your opponent to grab the gi. Space and control is key here.

  3. When you throw your hand, try to make sure your bicep comes into contact with your opponent's face. This is a sneaky nuance but very important! You want to make sure you gather their head so you can pick it up! This will help you ultimately finish what you started.

A Word of Warning

You may run into the problem Travis Stevens constantly found. Sometimes your opponent won't take the grip under your arm because they know that the instant they do, you'll manage to ascertain that high grip. If you follow the step-by-step above, you're much less likely to run into this as an issue. But, as always, drilling it into oblivion will be extremely helpful in nailing it in competition.

A Final Thought

This technique and working to gain that high grip on your opponent is pretty simple to learn. Even better, it is fairly risk free as well. That's probably the most appealing part of it. Even if you end up missing your grip with your hand (right for righties, left for lefties) you're in a pretty good spot. You'll still manage to maintain a grip on your opponent's collar and your opponent will have no hands on your gi. If that isn't a recipe for success you may need to return to more basic judo!

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