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Podcast: Andy Hung, Dojo Outfitters, PDXBJJ & Portland Judo

judo | 03/05/2021

Andy Hung is a grappling business machine. He is deeply involved in teaching, running a gym (both BJJ and Judo), and also a brick and mortar judo and jiu jitsu experience.

I've known about Andy for a long time but his Reddit AMA from 3 years ago is what really got me interested in his philosophy on martial arts businesses.

As a kid, I was told that it wasn't realistic to make a living in martial arts. Andy defies that 3 times over as an owner/operator in three unique martial arts businesses.

I hope you all are as inspired by his story as I was. Thanks, Andy!

Listen to the Dojo Business Podcast on:

Hear the interview and a few of their secrets below

Make the dojo a place YOU want to hang out

Andy has a long term plan for his life in martial arts. That's why he designs his dojo and businesses to be places where him and others like him want to socialize and hang out. 

Our goal is never to be the biggest. It was to be the cool dojo that you want to go, hang out, have a barbecue.

When you're having fun and there's an open social environment, people will invite their friends and family to join. Never underestimate the dojo cookout - it can be one of your most powerful marketing tools.

Find your voice and run with it

I know it's not easy, but don't be afraid of recording yourself and making technique videos for your students (and the world). Find your own voice for the dojo and share it far and wide.

Andy is an expert at marketing not only his business, but himself too. 

Find your own vision and put your own stamp on it.



Not only can you boost your SEO rankings with video tutorials, but you can establish your personal brand among potential students and martial artists around the world.


Learn more about Andy and his businesses

He's an awesome, candid guy and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to talk and learn from him.

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