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Interview: Joe Lauzon, UFC Legend & Owner of Lauzon MMA

mma | 01/28/2021

It's not everyday that you get to talk to a:
    • UFC legend
    • Successful academy owner
    • Great guy

But today we checked all three boxes. In this interview you're going to get a behind the scenes story of Joe Lauzon's success and what makes his business so successful.

To break it down simply, Joe has a holistic approach to business and really nails his marketing (both personal and professional). This, mixed with his background in Computer Science and IT made for an awesome interview.

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Hear the interview and a few of Joe's secrets below

Your students are the best promoters

Instead of running Facebook ads focus on organic content. Hire a photographer to come in and take pictures during classes.

For us, it has been dynamite.

Joe says his strategy is to "take all the photos, get them quickly adjusted, watermark them, upload them all in our Facebook groups. And people love to see themselves training and post it on their social media."

Don't underestimate nurture email sequences

This is something I did for my own school immediately after I got off the phone with Joe.

I doubled all my leads that were coming in and signing up.

"I spent a hour and a half here. So mobile videos, edit them a little bit, making the landing pages and all. but a probably spent like maybe five hours total," Joe said.

Stop what you're doing and setup an email sequence in your CRM (Spark, Market Muscles, Pulse, etc) that sends 30 emails (each separated by 3 days), each with a 1 minute video breaking down an easy tip that your students will be learning in their first month at your gym.

This could be "how to bow onto the mat" or "how to tie your belt" or "meet Sensei Steve" and let them know what to expect.

Underneath the video give them a clear call to action to setup an appointment.

Learn more about Joe and Lauzon MMA


Joe is a genuinely great guy and has great insights, check out the following links: