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Are BJJ academies and Judo dojos dying in 2020?

| 10/13/2020

138 academy owners told us how they were fairing post COVID-19 quarantine.

The numbers aren't looking good.

USA Judo Dojo Data Closing

Let's breakdown the data:

  • 8.7% permanently closed their academy
  • 32.6% lost over 40% of their students
  • 84.8% said they lost students since the pandemic
  • 8.7% have grown student counts
  • 6.5% said COVID-19 closures haven't affected their numbers


You haven't lost the fight yet, here's 3 things you can do to save your business:

  1. consider training outside with simple fitness routines (parks, playgrounds, and school lawns) - dojo owners have told us this is a new way to get local students as customers
  2. killer SEO content - make videos that rank highly for bully busting, kids confidence, weight loss over 40 and your choice of martial art keywords to bring traffic
  3. film your curriculum - even from your phone, having instructional videos for your students (and prospects) keeps them engaged, prevents cancellations, and makes you an expert in your community


Check our this quick blog about class types you can use during COVID-19 closures.

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