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BOGO NOGI Grappling Shorts

bjj | 02/16/2023

Don’t miss out on the Buy One Get One Sale on all FUJI Sports NOGI Shorts

As the interest continues to grow in the NOGI Grappling space, the team here at FUJI Sports has made a continued effort to provide several reliable and dependable shorts dedicated to NOGI Grappling. If you’re a fan of NOGI Grappling, you won’t want to miss out on our Buy One Short Get One Short Free going on now!

Training in FUJI NOGI Shorts is a must for grapplers. Standard training shorts just don’t hold up to the wear and tear of grappling. It’s important to make sure you get proper fitting shorts not only for comfort but for safety. Training with too loose or too long shorts can lead into feet or toes getting caught or tangled in the fabric. You never want to train in shorts with pockets as well for the same reason. Investing in a pair of NOGI Shorts is your best bet to having a hassle free workout!

FUJI Sports NOGI Grappling Shorts

FUJI Sports currently offers three separate types of shorts specific for NOGI Grappling (with a fourth coming soon) Each style of NOGI Grappling Shorts has their own features and benefits!

FUJI Baseline Fight Shorts feature a simple and elegant design that will match any gear combo. They also feature an inside drawstring and velcro waistband for a secure fit. The gusset of the short features a 4 way stretch material to help with mobility while your training. 

FUJI Lightweight Shorts come in several artistic designs such as the Fighting Spirit, High Impact, Full Throttle, and many more as well. What makes the lightweight shorts special is its lightweight and elastic waistband! They feature an ultra-lightweight 4-way stretch performance fabric. The Lightweight Shorts are perfect for customizing with your club's logos!

FUJI Ultimate Grappling Shorts have a 2-in-1 design with a soft yet durable outer short and a stretchy under-layer for support and comfort that moves with you. These shorts feature the same ultra-lightweight 4-way stretch performance fabric as the FUJI Lightweight Shorts that allows you to move freely and confidently on the mat!

FUJI Flex Shorts (Coming soon!)

Not sure what the right pair is for you? Grab a pair of each! With our Buy one Short Get One Short Free special going on now you can’t go wrong. 

FUJI Sports is a team of Olympic and World medalists level grapplers who are dedicated to providing the best NOGI Grappling Shorts on the market! Remember to check out our Buy One Short Get One Short Free Sale before it’s too late!