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Drop Seoi Nage - Adonis Diaz

judo | 09/18/2018

Drop Seoi Nage

If you’re looking to be the best at what you do, it’s pretty important that you take the time to learn from the best. Adonis Diaz is a National Judo Champion, ranked number 1 in the 60kg division, and is currently training for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. One of Adonis’ best throws? The Drop Seoi Nage. Adonis’ mastery of this technique has enabled him to throw countless opponents in international judo competitions and find success in a number of tournaments. Take the time to learn from his technique, and you will be on your way to mastering the Drop Seoi Nage throw too.

Drop Seoi Nage Speed vs. Power

The trick to Drop Seoi Nage throw is speed, not power. Power is a helpful component for Judo players, but in this particular throw you don’t necessarily need to be the most powerful person on the mats. Instead, it is very important that you come at this with speed! Before that, though, let’s break it down into bite-size chunks, take it a little at a time, and add speed in as you get comfortable with the technique.

Drop Seoi Nage The BreakdownAdonis breaks down Drop Seoi Nage step by step and the key details follow. It’s one thing to learn by reading and watching video, it’s an entirely different thing to learn by doing. Make sure that as you learn these techniques, you’re executing them on the mats as well. That should go without saying, so without further ado, The Drop Seoi Nage:

Drop Seoi Nage Step 1:

The first place to start this throw is by controlling the very end of your opponent’s sleeve in order to ensure you have the inside control. Drop Seoi Nage sets the tone of the throw and will become increasingly more important down the road, so make sure you start right so you can finish strong.

Drop Seoi Nage Step 2:

Next up, you’re going to need to get your hips underneath your opponent. Part of Adonis’ success in this throw comes from his immaculate positioning. He manages to maintain contact and control with just one knee down. Take note of that, because not only is it impressive, but it’s important for the rest of the throw.

Drop Seoi Nage Step 3:

Ready for the speed part? Explode in an upward direction as fast as possible in order to take your opponent’s feet out from underneath them. They’re in the air, and you’re in control. A common mistake here is allowing your head to descend toward the mat when driving your opponent; don’t do that! The more control you maintain the better this throw will go for you. Notice how powerful and explosive Adonis is here. He drives up so powerfully that his knee actually comes off the mat and all of that drive is coming from his one planted foot. The power and importance of single leg strength training for the judo player is revealed in this type of unilateral stance.

Drop Seoi Nage Step 4:

When you and your opponent land, the job isn’t done yet. Make sure you maintain contact throughout and you land with your back still on your opponent’s chest. Giving them space will lead to trouble (and quickly). The best thing for you to do in order to remain in control is to stay tight to your opponent, don’t let them have too much space, keep the pressure on them and stay in control.

The best part about this technique is that, when executed properly, athletes of varying abilities can find success with it. You don’t have to be as explosive as Adonis for this throw to work well for you, you just have to be able to move your body decisively and execute the technique. Additionally, a lot of the power Adonis uses here comes from the speed at which he enters the throw, so consider that you don’t always need to be explosive, but you do need to have an element of speed in order for this throw to work well. Study this technique, and then go explore it, find the way you can best get it done, and make it work for you.

Strength Training and the Grappler

Before you go, we mentioned in step three how impressive Adonis’ single-leg strength was. In most sports, but especially in judo, you’re relying on the strength of one limb independent of the other as you go about executing technique, combinations, and throws. While a lot of this strength can be developed on the mats, it is equally important to work on your craft in the weight room as well. The best judo players in the world spend time lifting weights and developing strength outside of the dojo. The reality is that it supplements your precision, strength, and technique on the mats. Don’t be afraid of the weight room, use it to your advantage!

A Final Thought

Lastly and above all, be assertive with your decisions on the mat and fully commit to your Drop Seoi Nage. Learn from the best, then go experiment with the throw and incorporate it as your comfort and ability grows and improves.

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