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Interview: Annie & David Iturrino, Owners of Mount Dora BJJ

| 02/18/2021

David and Annie Iturrino are owners of Mount Dora BJJ in Eustis, Florida. They run one of the most diverse programs I've ever seen with jiu jitsu for all ages, after-school programs, self defense, and fitness too.

They also run both for-profit and non-profit entities in their facility which is very unique. In the interview, you'll hear how focusing on serving their community has been their secret to growth. 

Annie and David are an amazing duo who are genuine and really do define what it means to be a mission driven business.

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Hear the interview and a few of their secrets below

Develop trust with your students

Instead of trying to maximize membership prices, Annie and David focus on making people feel comfortable and letting them try out and sign up students when they're ready.

If trial students feel uncomfortable, take a little bit longer. They'll stay longer because they know they're not just a number to you.

David says that this trust turns people into promoters, usually signing up their friends and family members.

Square footage can be an amazing advantage

Annie and David's strategy is to get the entire family into the academy to do a workout at the same time.

With their 9,000 sqft facility, they can have mom doing a fitness bootcamp, dad doing jiu jitsu, and the kids on the mat too.

You take one hour of a family's time to come together, to be able to train, and go on and have family time after that.

Along with their nurturing culture, this family-centric focus makes them a powerhouse academy.

When they run multiple classes at once, they have "spotters" who float around to help instructors with new students or greet people at the door.

This allows them to get the mat packed but still give individualized attention.


Learn more about Mount Dora BJJ


Annie and David are amazingly thoughtful people that genuinely want the best for their students and community.

It's no wonder they have one of the largest academies in Florida. Learn more about them at: