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How to Pass A Lasso Guard

bjj | 09/19/2018

Lasso Guard Passing

Encountering specialists in the guard can be a real pain when the clock is winding down. The lasso guard passing is a really useful tactic when coming across guard specialists. The lasso is something seen constantly in gi jiu-jitsu. It can be an excellent offensive tool in addition to a really effective stall tactic. The first time you come across in a match it shouldn't be the first time you're learning how to deal with it. Because the lasso guard can be so effective at stalling, it's important to have a few moves in your pocket to be able to pass it and shut it down quickly.

A Few Options

One of the best ways to pass the lasso guard is to make an effort to keep your opponent's knees together. By preventing them from opening their legs up, you shut down a lot of the offensive potential in the lasso. That's an excellent step, but doesn't cover it all.

Another thing to be mindful of is watching for them going underneath of "inverted" to set up all the potential attacks. It's super important you control this and nip it in the bud if your opponent makes that move.

Narrowing It Down

Ultimately what we're looking for here is narrowing down the options for how your opponent can attack. This will make the fight easier for you, though getting there is the tough part. Travis explains each component in detail in the video and it's definitely worth watching a few times over. Take your time and don't get frustrated. In the meantime, here are some important components.

Details of Lasso Guard Passing
  1. Make sure you use both hands to control the leg. The legs are really strong especially when your opponent plays this guard a lot. We talked about being able to keep your opponent's legs together to narrow their options. This is crucial from the get-go. Use both hands and don't underestimate how strong legs can be.

  2. Know the triangle and omapalata can happen and be aware. While working to narrow their options, a few more can briefly present themselves. Make sure you're aware of what can go wrong and how in order to give yourself the best shot at preventing it.

  3. Sprawl with just the one leg to free the hook. Sometimes in this position, you will knee to do a hip car to get the hook off completely to get your opponent in butterfly guard. Mobility can help a lot with this!

  4. Once they are in butterfly can you set up any pass you like from that position. The hard work is getting there, but the payoff is sweet.

Final Thoughts

Lasso Guard Passing can be pretty daunting and complicated when approaching it for the first time. Keep in mind what your opponent is capable of and be sure to have an answer for any potential attack. Once you have your opponent in the butterfly, you're free to move about them with authority. Drill any and every option in practice to make sure you know how to get out of sticky situations.

Travis explains even finer details in the video so make sure you watch it a few times through to really get the most out of it. And once you've incorporated lasso guard passing into your arsenal for a few months, come back to this video and see what more you can do! We're always learning, and that's the coolest part of judo and BJJ.

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