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Wrestling For BJJ Players

bjj | 09/19/2018


You’re familiar with the phrase “less is more.” That same concept can be applied to takedowns for BJJ. You don’t have to have the fanciest and most elaborate takedown, you just have to have one that works. And execute it like an absolute savage.


When it comes to a basic takedown, having a good mix of basic judo and basic wrestling is the best combination for future success. This is especially true when it comes to doing things on your feet. For BJJ, always remember your opponent wants to be on the ground. BJJ fights are rarely won on the feet, so you want to be on the ground too. But the difference is you want to be in control on the ground, not at the will of your opponent. The best way to ensure you’ll be in a position of control when you transition onto the floor is to make sure you have a killer takedown.


The Arm Drag to Whip is a super quick takedown and extremely effective against someone who wants to play on top, but is hoping that you’re the one to pull. Remember when we said we don’t necessarily need a complicated “bells and whistles” type takedown to get onto the floor? We just need something effective. That something that you can feel confident executing. This might just be the ticket for you.

The arm drag to whip includes a similar concept of sweeping someone as they’re trying to pull. This will get you to score two points.  The difference though, is that the arm drag to whip is pretty much the exact opposite in execution (pretty big difference, bear with me).  This means that when your opponent tries to lock up and wrestle or do judo, you quickly take them down to hinder their progress in this move.


In short, you’re looking to gain control of your opponent’s arm. Then you want to use their resistance as leverage to pull your body around theirs. All the while maintaining control of their arm. When you step around them, the control of that arm turns into you snapping your elbow in tight. That will whip their hips past yours and ultimately you'll end up on the ground. Once there, you’re looking to cover and take control of the fight on the ground.


Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is! Once again, the beauty of this takedown is that it isn’t overcomplicated. It is simply executed with perfection that will ultimately win you points and submissions. That is, provided you capitalize on the opportunities you create for yourself.

A few final tips when trying this one out: Make sure you’re moving yourself around your opponent. You don’t want to try and drag your partner by you, that’s just wasted energy and won’t be effective. Second, try to get your free hand to your opponent’s opposite hip to really pull them past you. Third, make sure when you fall, you’re using gravity and really utilizing your grips to hang off of your opponent. And lastly, finish on top, don’t try and take the back. You just did all the work, stay on top and finish the job. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

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