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Michael Trasso - Trasso Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling

bjj | 08/03/2022

Say hello to Michael Trasso! He is the owner and operator of Trasso Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling located in Glen Rock, NJ. If you're near Glen Rock and you’re looking for world class instruction and training, then make sure you go meet Michael and his team at Trasso Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling

Trasso has over 20 years of experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling. Trasso has won medals at some of the most prestigious Jiu Jitsu events in the world. Including a bronze medal finish at the 2021 IBJJF Pan American Championships (NOGI). He was also ranked as high as #9 in the Nation while wrestling for Rhode Island College, a D3 school located in Providence, RI. 



Trasso has been a longtime customer of FUJI Sports and FUJI Mats. We’re proud to have helped Michael bring his dream of being an academy owner to life.

Trasso opened up an amazing facility with the help from the FUJI Mats team. His facility is the epitome of professionalism. Trasso Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling was designed to give students the best experience possible; from a premium mat system on the floor, to the uniforms on their backs, Michael’s customers get the very best. 

Trasso Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling Features: 

  • 62 Pro Tatami Grey FUJI Mats for optimal performance and a traditional feel
  • 1,350ft2 Sub-Mat underlayment for added impact absorption
  • 100ft of FUJI Mat Frame Kits for an elegant accent while keeping mats pinned snugly in place
  • 1 Custom Pole Pad fit to a support column
  • 130+ feet of Wall Pads adding protection and full functionality to the mat space
  • Pre-Fabricated Wall Pads for windows, doors, and bumpouts for a truly custom fit
  • 27 Custom Logo Pads for one of a kind branding and marketing 
  • FUJI Installation Service to ensure the best fit and function was achieved

FUJI Mats always goes above and beyond to help academy owners set up a dream facility. They know owners like Michael Trasso spend years dreaming up their academy. FUJI Mats is there to bring it to life and help execute the finer details with industry leading expertise. The FUJI Mats team knows that extra effort is needed to get premium results. 

Each Academy comes with its own challenges which is why FUJI Mats customizes every facility. Their unique service helps academy owners achieve the best possible installation of their product. So if you’re not familiar with tools, or don’t enjoy DIY projects, let a FUJI Mats Specialist know and they can send a trained Installation Team to your business so you know the job is done right. 

Trasso reached out to FUJI Custom before he opened so they could get his academy outfitted with a fully branded line of products for the Trasso Academy Pro Shop. Trasso sells his own fully customized FUJI gear at his academy, driving up his ROI and increasing his revenue per student.

While custom gear is nice, the true benefit that Trasso gets from giving a fully custom experience is the community that comes with it! Nothing is better than repping your team's fresh custom gear and feeling like a part of something bigger than yourself. 

Trasso chose to use a few of the FUJI Custom items to outfit his academy with: 

However, there are even more items that you can customize. Academy owners can choose any item on the FUJI website, and decorate it for their academy.

It’s simple. If you have a logo, just send it over to our staff at and our Custom Experts will take care of everything you need to create bespoke branded equipment. Our team is here to make custom gear easy and profitable for academies of every size.

Have questions? Please email us at for a complimentary consultation and a free gift for new business accounts.